Getting Out Of The Friendzone: Is It Possible?

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The term ‘friendzone,’ has ruined the sleep of many guys. When you like or love someone but the person doesn’t consider you anything more than a friend can be really painful and frustrating at the same time.

Unfortunately, the boundaries of friendzone are meant only for guys. The concept of friendzone is used by girls as an excuse when they particularly don’t like a guy but then they don’t want to be rude either. Other than that, girls also use it when they genuinely consider the guy as a friend and don’t share the same feeling as the guy.

It is often believed that once you enter the friendzone, you are going to stay tuck there forever. In other words, there is no escape from there. But that is not true. If you try harder, you can definitely get out for the friendzone prison. Remember, when there is a will, there is always a way. If you too are stuck in the friendzone, it’s time that you break free of it. In this article, you will find some useful tips that can help you get out of the friend zone.

Ways To Get Out Of The Friendzone

No, your journey of love hasn’t come to an end just because you are friend zoned by your crush. Instead of breaking your head and cursing your fate, you should take things in your hand. If you really want to get out the friendzone and be something more to her, there is always a way available. The only thing is that you have to figure it out.

We have listed a few ways following which you can break free of the friendzone. Go through the details and you will know what to do.

  1. Be more attractive to her

You are in the friendzone because she doesn’t find you as attractive as the rest of the guys. This may be a bit shallow of her but that’s the truth. Now that you know it you better start working on yourself physically. You can get work on your looks and even hit the gym to get a nice physique ready. But you should also know that having a good physique won’t help if you have an unattractive personality or behavior. Along with your outer appearance, you also need to work on your personality. In short, you need to be attractive to her in every way possible. That’s the first step to get out of the friend zone.

  1. Trying harder is not enough, try something different

When you know what you are doing is not working, you shouldn’t try harder. Instead, you should try doing something else. You see, you need to work smarter and not harder. You should change your ways of impressing her. If you don’t know what to do you can even take help from relationship experts on YouTube.

  1. Stop pestering her so much

No one likes to be bugged 24/7. Just because she had put you in the friendzone, doesn’t mean she actually considers you to be her friend. So you need to stop texting and calling her so much. If you continue to put up such annoying behavior, you are only going to push her away from you. Instead, you should stop giving her so much importance. If she cares, she will definitely try and contact you. If she doesn’t then you know that she is actually not interested in you. In that case, it is better to accept it and move on. You see there is plenty of fish out there.

  1. Make yourself challenging

You are in the friend zone because you are too easy. No girl wants their man to be easy. Therefore, you should make yourself challenging and let her work for your attention. You must have seen that boys who have a girlfriend or a wife always get more attention from other ladies. There is something about these men that the ladies like. So what you should do is flirt and socialize with other girls more. This will automatically make her crave for your attention.

  1. Let her miss you

Just because you like or love her doesn’t mean you will follow her like a lost puppy. You should give her some time to miss you too. You should let her feel your absence. If she really cares, she will automatically contact you. If she is playing with you then you will know.

  1. Give her less attention

You will never find a girl who doesn’t enjoy male attention. Stop giving her attention and you will see the change in her behavior. When you give her all your attention she knows that she has you wrapped all around her fingers. You shouldn’t give her that satisfaction, especially when you want to break free of the friendzone. Talk to her less, take time from her. This will force her to believe that you are losing your interest from her. The moment she realizes this she will start talking to you on her own.

  1. Stop being so nice

This is one of the main problems with the majority of the guys in the friendzone. You treat her way too nicely, just in the hope that she will see your goodness and will accept you. Well, that’s going to be the case. No matter how nice you are it will not melt her heart unless she actually wants to give you a chance. Therefore, there is no need for you to treat her like a goddess.

So these are some of the tips you can follow to get out of the friendzone. Many of you may lose hope or even lose faith from love because of these petty things. You should know that getting friendzone is not the end of the world. You are young and you will get enough chances in your life. If you can’t break free of the friendzone just move on. Look for someone who will value you and love you.