What is a death grip syndrome, and how to overcome it

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If you’re intimidated by the death grip syndrome, you have every reason to be! This term sounds like a nasty condition from your worst nightmares. Unfortunately, it can affect you and your penis in real life. So what is death grip syndrome, and how can you overcome it? Let’s find out!

What exactly is death grip syndrome?

The term “death grip syndrome” is a slang term. It refers to several negative effects on your sexual health that are caused by excessive masturbation. Calling it a “death grip syndrome” is simply locker room talk, and the term is used to describe various sexual issues that men have due to irregular masturbation techniques or masturbation addiction. 

So, death grip syndrome is not an official medical condition. Still, it can cause issues in sexual performance and problems in enjoying sexual pleasure for many many men.

Possible reasons

There is evidence that shows too much stimulation can desensitize your penis. If you masturbate too much, you could end up getting more pleasure from that compared to regular sex. For example, you could try all sorts of forcible techniques to counteract the decrease in sensitivity. That could lead you into a vicious cycle of addiction. 

To put it simply: excessive masturbation can cause your penis to go numb. Then, you will need to stroke it harder and faster to feel sexual pleasure. Eventually, your tight grip will become even worse. You could get used to only one way of climaxing. Then, you would have problems reaching climax during regular sex. That’s why some experts categorize this syndrome as a subset of erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation

What impact it may have on me

This condition can lead to psychological issues. Moreover, it can cause problems in your relationship. Since you will lose sensitivity down there, every sexual activity with a partner could be stressful. That could lead to a slew of performance anxiety issues. It could substantially impact your partner and your mutual sex life. Plus, if you are single, the condition will make it hard for you to approach the people you are attracted to. 

Moreover, this syndrome can leave a striking dent in your libido. If you are used to watching porn, you will not have the sexual desire for real-life experiences. 

How to deal with it

Fortunately, our tips on how to cure death grip syndrome can help you deal with this condition. Several techniques, routines, and useful sex advice can help you to reverse or cure it. 

Don’t abuse your penis

Obviously, the first thing to do is to avoid masturbation. Try to take a break for a week and refrain from masturbation or orgasms. If this is too difficult, start with a couple of days. Then, try to increase your abstinence periods. 

Some experts believe that a three-week abstinence period from masturbation will bring quick results. During this period, try to get erections as a result of a natural sexual response. However, you should not touch or play with your penis. After those three weeks, you can slowly ease into sexual stimulation again. However, it’s advisable not to go back to the same old techniques based on personal experience. You should use a light touch to create subtle sensations.

Give your hands a break

You should maybe change your technique. You could try to loosen your grip and try other ways of stroking yourself. 

However, most sex therapists recommend you use a pocket pussy. This is one of the only ways to get back to normal. After three weeks of abstinence, you can slowly use a pocket pussy to replicate the feeling of real-life sex. What’s more, even if you’re in a relationship, you can still use an artificial vagina, anus, or mouth. It will allow you to take your time and make your penis accustomed to the sensations of penetration. 

Limit your exposure to porn

There’s a big chance that you’re a death grip victim due to excessive porn consumption. Here, the best tip is to avoid it. Much like a forceful and overbearing grip on your penis, porn can desensitize you, albeit mentally. It can deliver instant pleasure while portraying some unrealistic acts. Moreover, it can make you set unrealistic sexual expectations. If you’re affected by death grip syndrome, it’s best to avoid it for some time until your penis recovers. 

Explore new things with your partner

If you’re worried, now is the time to cheer up. Your recovery from death grip syndrome can strengthen your sexual bond with your partner. 

After three weeks of abstinence, you can experiment with your partner to lower your sexual anxiety. For instance, you could ask them to slowly stroke you with a pocket pussy. 

Alternatively, you could slowly edge yourself using the pocket pussy and switch from it to sex with your partner. Try doing this until you’re ready to orgasm, but stop right before you feel like you’re about to cum. Then, try a different sex position. This can also help you to get used to the sensation of being inside your partner’s vagina, anus, or mouth. Even better, it can help you to keep going until your partner orgasms. 

Also, you can experiment with roleplay or anything else that turns you on to get more satisfaction from real sex, as long as your partner is into it. This can help you understand your orgasm stages and eventually enhance your sensitivity.

Masturbation is absolutely normal

When performed in the correct way, masturbation is a healthy and safe activity. It can lower stress, regulate your sperm health, improve your sleep cycle, and even improve your skills in bed. If you recover from death grip syndrome, you can gradually start to introduce it into your everyday life. However, to avoid a recurring death grip syndrome, some limitations are needed. Namely, you should avoid excessive masturbation and porn consumption.

Sex toys can also be a good way of self-control. Even with a partner, you can still enjoy sexual pleasure despite the limitations that you set. With that, the Lovegasm site could be one of the ways to stay in control even if you masturbate together with your partner.


As you’ve seen, death grip syndrome can definitely impact your sex life. If you are struggling with it, follow our advice to overcome it and order a pocket pussy to get your blood pumping again! Good luck!