About Annetta

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When Annetta Watkins graduated from Boston University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology, it was already clear to her that she wanted to motivate and inspire people. However, she realized that there was no easy road. After the pressure from her parents to earn a living after college, she did what everyone else did after graduating–look for a decent job that pays for the rent.

However, if the soul wants to help, there will always be a way to help. This was her mindset while working as an HR representative from a Law Firm. She used to create motivational videos while giving life advice to overly-stressed lawyers. It was not too long until she became popular among the people from their building that she often gets invited to have a talk to other offices.

In 2012, she decided to put this website to have a log of her talks, thoughts, and life advice with a hope to share it to more people who visit the website. The more she gets exposed to people whom she talk to, the more she learns in life. She turned these experiences into learning, and use them during her talks to inspire more people while keeping every lesson relatable.

Today, the website gets visitors from around the globe to have a piece of inspiration from Anetta’s words.