Why is being single even in your 30s is okay?

Are you turning 30 but are anxious because all your peers are in a long-term relationship, engaged, or married? Worry not, as being single in your 30s has amazing advantages. We’re on a mission to show you what they are. 

We Have Our Own Pace

Remember that, while still being a student, you had your own pace of learning and progressing? Were you able to speed up the process of acquiring knowledge? To some extent, perhaps, you could spend days and nights cramming for tests and exams. Yet, the great majority of information that you forced yourself to learn would just vanish the moment you left the classroom. 


The same applies to life and relationships. You can’t force yourself to be with someone who’s not quite a good fit for you. Such a romance will end sooner or later. What’s even worse, you could end up traumatized due to

What is a death grip syndrome, and how to overcome it

If you’re intimidated by the death grip syndrome, you have every reason to be! This term sounds like a nasty condition from your worst nightmares. Unfortunately, it can affect you and your penis in real life. So what is death grip syndrome, and how can you overcome it? Let’s find out!

What exactly is death grip syndrome?

The term “death grip syndrome” is a slang term. It refers to several negative effects on your sexual health that are caused by excessive masturbation. Calling it a “death grip syndrome” is simply locker room talk, and the term is used to describe various sexual issues that men have due to irregular masturbation techniques or masturbation addiction. 

So, death grip syndrome is not an official medical condition. Still, it can cause issues in sexual performance and problems in enjoying sexual pleasure for many many men.

Possible reasons

There is evidence that

Overcoming Fears and Getting More Out of Life

What is the best way to deal with your fears? How can you defeat them and ultimately improve your life? Many people spend their whole lives living in fear, but you can change your future if you act against your fears today! So check out our tips for overcoming fears and getting more out of life!

Fear Is Something We Created

The first stage of conquering your fears is all about recognizing them. Fear is a deceptive emotion. Firstly, you need to analyze its roots. You also need to know that no one is born with their unique fears. Fear is a basic feeling, and it’s something that we create.

Usually, fear awakens within us after a negative experience. Yet, regardless of the specific fear, it has a purpose of protecting us and keeping us safe from the traumatic experience that caused it. Of course, we are not implying that

The Great Stress Reliever: Sex

Let’s face it, more and more people are breaking down due to the extreme social conditions we live in these days. Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or the uncertainty of the upcoming economic recession, the times are pretty tough. It’s easy to give up and grab a bottle or take pills to make the pain go away. However, none of these methods can help you overcome the tension like good sex can, and here’s why.

Reduces the Levels of Stress Hormones

Since it feels like everything is out of control nowadays, the hormones that affect stress are running rampant these days. More and more people are openly talking about depression and having trouble making it through the day. How do stress hormones work, and what triggers them? Moreover, how can sex help?

In short, our nervous system relies on two main chemical messengers when it comes to tension. We’ve got

Leaders and Bosses — Which One Are You?

Leaders vs. Bosses: The Big Difference

At first glance, these two words seem interchangeable. Also, there are numerous cases in which an individual can be both simultaneously. However, at their very core, these two social roles have nothing in common. 

Primarily, you become a boss by simply taking on the position of authority, while you have to earn the title of the leader. Read the rest of the article to learn about the “boss and leader difference’’. 

When It Comes to Learning — Are You Apt to Adapt? 

Being a boss puts a person in a position that is governed by many rules, guidelines, and policies. A boss needs to follow these and subsequently make sure that their subordinates comply. This chain of command can make the figure of authority assume they are always right. After all, all they need to do is enforce the rules by any means possible,

Upskilling Is More Than Just a Buzzword

The business world is currently in an unstable place due to the pandemic. This could be why upskilling has become more important for businesses as a way to create development opportunities to shorten the skill gaps of their employees. 

It could be a way for companies to make a step ahead so that they can last through the pandemic while maintaining high customer satisfaction. With the business world as it is, the idea of upskilling employees is becoming more and more appealing, and it is something that many businesses are currently doing. But what is it? How can it work?

What Is It Anyway?

Upskilling can apply to any type of field, from law to HR. By the Cambridge definition:

  • it is about employees learning new skills or
  • being taught a new skill set.

It is a chance for companies to give learning and development opportunities to their workforce as

A Guide to Living Life to the Fullest for Introverts

What is it really like to be an introvert? Does being an introvert limit you, or does the life of an introvert have some unexpected benefits? Find out in our guide to living life to the fullest for introverts!

What Is an Introvert?

For starters, the definitions for introverts and extroverts were first offered by Carl Jung back in the 1900s. The terms became popular in the 1960s when they started being used in everyday language.

Basically, introverts are famous for being thoughtful, reserved, quiet, shy, and highly sensitive. Extroverts are the exact opposite. They are social butterflies who are outgoing and action-oriented. Sometimes, you don’t need to have those exact traits to fall under the extrovert or introvert category.

Another more detailed definition tackles the way those two personalities deal with energy. Namely, social settings can fill extroverts with energy. Those personality types feed on connections with other people.

Time Management Is Important — Manage Your Time and Success

Good time management is a skill that every person needs, be it a CEO, freelancer, or even someone who is in-between jobs. Properly managing your time can lead to a successful career, better work performance, and reduced stress levels.

Mastering this skill can benefit your well-being, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Some people even turn to a time management/life coach to help get their mind in order so that they can use their time well and improve their quality of life. This is how time management helps in your success.

The Importance of Time Management

You shouldn’t be a slave to time — instead, you should control it. This will help you meet deadlines, not be late for meetings or appointments, and reduce the constant feeling that you have not done enough in the day. You’ll be much more satisfied with yourself.

This skill has a positive snowball effect because the

What Employees Want From Their Employers

Employee and employer relationships are changing substantially. If you’re an employer, you have to be aware of those changes! Does that mean you should provide standing desks, onsite gyms, flexible working hours, and paid tropical vacations to all your workers? Or are your employees simply looking for improved employee-employer relationships? Keep reading to find out what employees want from their employers!

A Job With Clear Expectations and Goals

From the get-go, employees want a clear and coherent understanding of your expectations. When considering what employees want, employers must provide candidates, new hires, and long-term employees with the right information relating to their on-the-job responsibilities.

Too many employers believe that they can squeeze in a few extra responsibilities while hiring someone. That way, they can get more work out of their employees for less money. This tactic is an incredibly common one. It demonstrates a poor commitment to employees. When you

Winning the Woman You Like

It’s not unusual to have doubts about approaching someone you find attractive. Low self-esteem and confidence are things lots of people struggle with these days. But, hey, these are all problems you can solve quickly. It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing to apply a couple of simple dating tips.

Be Confident but Act Natural

When it comes to the question of how to attract women, there’s no formula or rule. Different people react differently depending on the way you approach them. Therefore, you must have a pallet of skills you can use when the going gets tough.

And even if there are no universal rules to work with, we can all agree that confidence makes the pillar of any successful encounter. In real life, no matter if you’re looking for love or applying for a job, you’ll need to show others that you respect yourself. We’re not talking …