The Great Stress Reliever: Sex

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Let’s face it, more and more people are breaking down due to the extreme social conditions we live in these days. Whether it’s the COVID-19 pandemic or the uncertainty of the upcoming economic recession, the times are pretty tough. It’s easy to give up and grab a bottle or take pills to make the pain go away. However, none of these methods can help you overcome the tension like good sex can, and here’s why.

Reduces the Levels of Stress Hormones

Since it feels like everything is out of control nowadays, the hormones that affect stress are running rampant these days. More and more people are openly talking about depression and having trouble making it through the day. How do stress hormones work, and what triggers them? Moreover, how can sex help?

In short, our nervous system relies on two main chemical messengers when it comes to tension. We’ve got adrenaline for short-term stress and cortisol for the long run. Adrenaline comes into play whenever our body feels like we’re under threat. Our brain releases it into the bloodstream to help us prepare for potential danger.

On the other hand, cortisol is a slow burner. It means that it takes more time to accumulate, but it will eventually take even more time to wear off. In other words, cortisol is a reaction to living under the constant stress of our everyday problems. It causes various negative feelings, anxiety, gloomy thoughts, and so on.

However, having sex can be a powerful tool in nullifying the effects of stress hormones. Not only will it lower the adrenaline in your blood flow, but it will also trigger the production of endorphins. Endorphin is a brain chemical that boosts your mood naturally, reversing the bad feelings and helping you evade negative thoughts.

The Love Hormone

Like we’ve said — sex relieves stress. Moreover, all sorts of sexual activities do the same thing, whether they’re blowjobs, masturbation, or something else. The point is, your overall health (mental and physical) relies on your sex life. The explanation for this is a chemical we call the love hormone.

Oxytocin is a hormone our body releases during sexual activities, and it provides us with warm feelings, tenderness, and love. In other words, it positively affects our general mood and outlook on life. Oxytocin is the reason why we make bonds with our lovers and crave their presence in our loneliest moments.

Combining Sex With Other Activities Will Do the Trick

Even if sex is the all-powerful slayer of bad feelings and anxiety, some people still need to combine it with other positive activities. Sometimes, a couple of orgasms a week won’t do the trick, so you might feel like there’s no way out. In reality, if you mix intercourse with meditation, exercising, and regular sleep, you’ll find it working perfectly.

Having a sports routine will not only help you with your physical well-being, but it will also help reduce stress. Still, you don’t need to be a professional athlete or anything like that. You can make it work with simple home exercises. On the other hand, meditation is a well-known way to feel good, and we don’t need to waste words on it.

Lastly, it’s essential to have a good night’s sleep for the feel-good hormones to be at an optimal level. Somewhere around six to eight hours a day is enough for a grown person to work at full capacity and lower their stress levels. Of course, you should work on your internal clock and evade trading days for nights.

Sex Positions That Will Surely Relieve Stress

Although skin contact and sex, in general, are good for your health, some positions work better when it comes to nullifying bad chemistry in your body. Therefore, we’re going to talk about several ways you can have intercourse with your partner and feel the full potential of stress relief sex.


Our first entry is a position that comes from tantric sex. The yab-yum position is one of the most intimate ways of having sex with the one you love. The idea is for the man to sit down and cross his legs while his lady sits in his lap, looking him directly in the eyes. They’ll be caressing one another, her breasts will touch his chest, and their lips will lock.

Zen Doggy

It’s no secret that doggy-style sex is one of the most popular positions out there. However, there’s a way to make it even more fulfilling. The woman goes down on her knees and uses her forearms to lean her upper body to the floor. Her partner will penetrate her from behind with his chest down on her back.

Spoon and Sleep

Another favorite of ours is spooning. It’s a pretty intimate way of having sex since the man can kiss his lover all over her cheeks and neck while penetrating her. Spooning is a somewhat lazy position because it doesn’t require too much work. As such, it makes for a perfect way to have sex and fall asleep together.

The Snake

Even if it might sound silly, the snake position is a great stress reliever. The woman lies on her belly with her legs stretched in line with one another. Next, her man comes down on her in the same position and penetrates her from behind.

It’s like stacking plates on top of each other. Only this time, you’ll be stacking your body and increasing physical touch and skin contact to the maximum. This is the reason why your stress will quickly go down.

The Rocker

This time, it’s all about the rhythm section. Having sex in the rocker position means that both lovers will be sitting down with the lady in her man’s lap. They’re facing one another with her legs around his back and her arms on the floor, providing stability. Once you get comfortable, you should begin to find a common rhythm.

It’s a slow rocking position, but it allows for deeper penetration. As such, the man will be able to provide his lover with more pleasure by stimulating her G-spot. It’s slow, emotional, and breathtaking at the same time. Try it out!

Deep Missionary

Lastly, we must mention a classic position. Missionary is often held as something dull and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you can use its full potential. Since we’re here to provide you with ways of relieving stress through sex, there isn’t a much better option to go for than to have missionary intercourse.

It’s comfortable, and it allows both partners to look into each other’s eyes. Moreover, they can kiss throughout the intercourse, improving their connection and feeling secure. This way, they’ll quickly reduce their stress levels and feel like there’s nothing aside from them and the moment they’re in. Missionary is a deep and caring position, which makes it a classic for everyone in need of some strong romantic feelings.