Winning the Woman You Like

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It’s not unusual to have doubts about approaching someone you find attractive. Low self-esteem and confidence are things lots of people struggle with these days. But, hey, these are all problems you can solve quickly. It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing to apply a couple of simple dating tips.

Be Confident but Act Natural

When it comes to the question of how to attract women, there’s no formula or rule. Different people react differently depending on the way you approach them. Therefore, you must have a pallet of skills you can use when the going gets tough.

And even if there are no universal rules to work with, we can all agree that confidence makes the pillar of any successful encounter. In real life, no matter if you’re looking for love or applying for a job, you’ll need to show others that you respect yourself. We’re not talking about being an egoist. We’re just saying you need to take on people cool, calm, and collected.

Eye contact and a relaxed body language will take you pretty far. You see, the trick is not to get too stiff and unnatural. You need to make it like it’s your day-to-day routine, something you’re quite well-adjusted to. No one wants a phony. So, playing it nice and easy is the only way to go when trying to attract someone.

Ask Her Questions

As much as confidence is a game-changer, it’s useless if you don’t start a conversation with her. There’s no point in standing there, looking all Marlon Brando if you don’t take the first step. Moreover, you need to show interest and willingness to try. Both men and women love to be desired, and what better way to make them feel that than by asking questions?

Of course, you mustn’t get too cocky and go all Secret Service on her. Start with simple questions like their name or whereabouts. Try to make an interesting observation about the place you’re in and allow the conversation to take its natural course.

But in order not to waste anyone’s time, you’ll need to pay attention. No matter how boring the conversation might seem, there’s always something you can work with. In case you see yourself as someone funny, apply a tiny bit of humor. And if it doesn’t work out, simply counter yourself back with a self-aware comment.

Give Her Compliments

When we said you’ll need to pay attention, we meant you should listen to her carefully and find something you can spin a conversation around. Also, you must hand out a compliment or two. Of course, don’t make it sensual because she won’t find it attractive. Being moderate will help you leave an honest impression about yourself.

But why are we getting into compliments when again it all seems so basic? Well, it has something to do with psychology. Science says that most people react to a positive observation about themselves with compliments too. It’s not just good manners — it’s like a table tennis effect inside our heads.

Give Her Hints That You Like Her

Sure enough, compliments are a way of showing that you like something about the other person. But it’s not always a straight-up game. Saying she’s good-looking isn’t the smartest move you can make. You need to make it more interesting.

Flirting is simply awesome because of suspense. Not really knowing where you stand is something that motivates you to try harder. Therefore, leaving hints and signals that there’s a possibility the two of you can make it will work way better than spilling your guts right there and then.

Ask Her Out

In case you see some signs of positivity, you should make the first move. It’s not like we’re saying men should always do it, it’s just the fact that you initiated the dialogue in the first place. So, keep your cool and release the idea like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Remember, you need to keep your confidence high.

Don’t worry if you get turned down. Take it on the chin and learn from the experience. Moreover, it might appeal to her, seeing you take these things so lightly. After all, It’s a bigger picture you’re aiming for, and you shouldn’t be concerned with losing small battles.

Find a Way to Spend More Time With Her

First thing’s first — we’re not suggesting you be a creep and stalk her. No way, man! In case you see each other in your local store or at the club, just focus on going there more often. Don’t be a moron and follow her around, you’ll get yourself in trouble.

But why are we adding this to your essential dating tips for men anyway? Well, again, there’s this little thing called psychology you might have heard of. Science says that the more we see and interact, the more we begin to like one another. It’s a simple thing if you think about it.

Look Good

Sure thing, looks don’t matter in the long run at all. It’s more about your personality, confidence, and your sense of humor. Looks can only be an additional weapon in your arsenal. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the way you present yourself to the world.

Taking care of your hygiene is a no-brainer. We don’t know why we’re mentioning it at all. Besides the obvious, you should think about your hairstyle, facial hair, clothes, and overall style in case you’re looking to score. Making sure your hair’s in order, combed, and your shirt isn’t dirty is pretty much the basics of approaching women.

And yes, she won’t fall in love with your jeans and brand-new shoes. But to even consider finding love, you’ll need to make that first impression before opening your mouth. It’s like imposing yourself on the busy dating scene around you. You’ll need to make your presence felt and known.

Offer Help When Needed

Being a confident man and a serial winner doesn’t mean you should disregard being polite and well-mannered. Moreover, to attract a woman, you’ll need to show some sensitivity and gentlemanly qualities. Even if it sounds outdated, it is still something you must work on.

Offer yourself in case the two of you come across something she needs help with. You can’t lose if you go with the “ladies first” attitude. No matter how cliché it might appear, both men and women naturally react better if someone’s kind to them. It’s a key mechanism in human relations in general.

So play it nice and cool, while also adding some manners to the game. A combination of confidence, paying attention, and being courteous will surely prove to make a difference. Learn how to take no for an answer, but don’t get down about it. And remember — what you give is what you get in return.