Do College Degrees Matter in 10 Years?

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When you are in college, life seems like a fairy tale. There are rainbows, unicorn, Phoenix, and lots of impossible things surround you in college that life seems quite easy. When you get admission into a college after 10+2, it seems you are settled for a job after finishing your degree. But, the reality is very harsh. Once you cross that gate of your college after graduation, you lost all those glamour of the utopic land and get collided with the force of reality.

There are many students who do a great at graduation and have a prestigious degree in hand. People think they will get a great job and do their best in life. But, you never know what is waiting for you in there. After 10 years, you may get surprised to see those backbenchers at college at the top of any company while the so-called ‘genius’ and the huge degree-holders are just doing ‘fine’. Why do things go like this? Doesn’t the degree have any role in your professional life later? Let’s find the answer to these questions and prepare you to know the reality.

A College Degree Is Only the Prerequisite to Get a Job

If a degree is so not important, why there is anything like ‘Graduation?’ actually, you need to do well in your studies and have a good degree to get a great job. When you are a fresher, it is only your marks and grades that show your potential to the employers. Still, there are many colleges which prepare their students with professional skills so that they won’t find it difficult to suit themselves up in the real battlefield, in front of the employers. After all, at the end of the day, all that matters is a skill. For example, if a student has secured 62% in graduation, but don’t have the skill to face a difficult situation in a company, a candidate with 50% will get the opportunity if he/she shows skill.

Your Degree May Not Match Your Career in Ten Years

Do you want to become a business consultant? Are you a graduate in English? Actually, that hardly matters. To be a business consultant, there is no steadfast rule that you have to study business at your graduation level. What you need is the best and thorough idea about the career you choose and know how to proceed in it. There are students who pursue a career in business even after studying humanities. So, no one can tell where you will go after 10 years and then, what matter will only be your experience, knowledge, and skill. Your degree will be nothing but a yellow page then.

Employers Concentrate More on Soft Skills

For example, you hold a good degree at your graduation, but you lack the skill of self-assessment or you can’t take criticism. Where will you see yourself in ten years? According to experts, you may not get a substantial hike like the one who has the potential to learn every day, even from his/her mistakes. A degree is needed to apply for the job, but you need to acquire skills and learning ability to hold it up and get on the stairs of success. According to the employers, a good employee must have great communication skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, assessment, and obviously, the ability to think out-of-the-box. Once you have all these potentialities in you, you can get more success in ten years than those who don’t have these, but only degrees. Developing soft skills is the ladder of future success.

A Degree with Purpose is Only Fruitful

There are many people who are not satisfied with their job. They just do it for earning money and there is no heart into it. Once you do a job without passion and interest, you will learn nothing, and you will never achieve things you want to in life. In that case, a degree won’t help you out. For example, you may have got a degree in engineering, but you always wanted to be a writer. Now, you may get the job, but you can’t justify with the post as your purpose of life is not clear. There are lots of career counselors who say that lots of people meet them after getting frustrated at their job and in search of the question, ‘Why am I doing this?’ So, it is always better to turn your passion into your profession. If you want to be a prolific writer now, your degree of engineering will have no purpose. That’s why it is very important that students are clear about their life and career while choosing a course.

Have You Built Strong Network?

If you want to see yourself at the chair of the CEO of your company, you need to build a strong network. And to do that, you won’t need a major from college, but strong communicative skills. Your degree is proof of how smart you are and can be in a particular field. But, that won’t matter till people don’t know who you are. You need to build a network to launch yourself in the market and make people know what a big achiever you are. Within ten years of your professional life, you definitely want to be popular in the market and your interpersonal communication skill will help you there. You can start brushing up your communication skill from now by building rapport to your professors, participating in internship programs, and so on.

See how you can build a strong network.

Within ten years, every student wants to see them at the height of success for sure. A degree will help them to get their dream job. But, getting a job is not the only important thing to reach that success. You want to be able to hold that achievement with continuous developing skills and learning process. When you see yourself after ten years, you will find that your degree hasn’t helped you much through all these years. It is your potentiality and effectiveness that help you to become more victorious in any field.