Why Having a Mentor Is Important

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The importance of mentorship is something that has been deeply imprinted in our culture for centuries now. Back in ancient times, old and wise men would assist young princes, making sure they end up on the right tracks when the time comes for them to take the reins. Even though times change, some things remain the same, albeit in a different form. No matter who you are and what your goal is, you can always benefit from someone wiser and more experienced.

You Learn From Their Lessons and Mistakes

The basic purpose of mentoring is for the teacher to make sure his pupil doesn’t make the same mistakes they did. It’s a way of sharing knowledge on certain topics and expanding someone’s views on life. No matter what you want to do, there’s always someone who’s tried it before. If they were successful, taking their advice is one of the best ways to learn how to do it the right way.

A great mentor will guide you through lessons, answering questions on how to achieve your goal. Mentoring programs are all over the internet, and they talk about different topics and skills. Sure, they offer different results, but no matter how good they are, there’s always something you can take from them. The whole point is to avoid making the same mistakes as someone before you.

They Monitor Your Progress and Provide Coaching

A worthy and successful mentor will keep track of your activities, making sure you’re doing alright. They’ll inform themselves constantly about your progress, and ask you about how you’re doing and if there’s something you’re struggling with. It’s similar to a school or university professor. They should be checking your performance constantly and pointing you the right way.

Professional development is a long and hard process, no matter what you do. It’s like becoming a Jedi. Luke couldn’t do it on his own — he sought Obi-Wan on Tatooine, searching for guidance and knowledge like any ambitious apprentice would. Even though this is fiction, it still tells that age-old story about the teacher and student and their mentoring relationship.

A great mentor like Obi-Wan made Luke the Jedi master he became at the end of the original trilogy. Without him, the Empire would have never fallen. Again, even though it’s only a movie, it still shares universal values we look for in real life. The point is — to make it big, you’ll need a helping hand from someone wiser.

They Are Good at Encouraging You

Making it big is a long-term process, full of obstacles and dangers along the way. Not many make it to the end. The biggest talents, the hungriest of hearts, and the brightest wonders fall short before they reach the top. That is if they don’t have someone to pick them up once they end up on the floor.

You see, a mentor and his mentee have a special bond. The young one can and should always rely on his teacher to lift their spirit in case they need it. Sometimes your career goals aren’t as easy to reach; hence, you’ll need someone to tell you it’s okay and that you’re going to make it.

Encouragement is a beautiful thing that helps build trust. It’s a sacred value the two of you share — you know they won’t let you down and vice versa. To talk movies again, Rocky wouldn’t have made it if he hadn’t had that crazy old coach Mickey. Lifting his spirit constantly, although in a unique way, he made sure Balboa never backed down.

Mentors Are Disciplinarians That Create Necessary Boundaries

Career paths may be long or short, more or less hard, but they’re always full of distractions. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for a young pupil to get lost along the way. Luckily, a good mentor will know when to kick in and help you out.

Sometimes restrictions are good. They serve as a way of making sure you concentrate on your primary goal and not allow other things to distract you. As a young person, you probably can’t always ward off the allure of these distractions on your own. That is why a mentor will create certain boundaries that will act as a barricade to protect you.

Although we usually don’t see boundaries as something good, in certain situations, they have a purpose. Not only will they make sure you don’t fall by the wayside, but they’ll also help you not burn out. A well-implemented barricade will save you from yourself, if you get overly attached to something. But to have that, you’ll need to find a good mentor.

Mentors Are Free

Even though there are professional networks that provide mentorship programs of all kinds, you don’t need to waste your hard-earned money. You can find a mentor or a role model in someone you know. For example, this person can be your teacher, older relative, or even a friend who’s great at something.

It’s just important you choose a mentor that you trust. Trust is the basic pillar of your relationship, meaning that without it, you’re going nowhere.

A mentor-mentee relationship is in that way similar to marriage since you need transparency between the two of you. You can’t have your Mr. Miyagi without being a Karate Kid, if you get what we mean. So choose wisely and be prepared for lots of hard work if you’re looking to succeed in any field you may find yourself in.