So what, if you are a virgin in your 30s?

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All of us want to feel loved in our life and for that, we need a special someone in our life. Many people actually do not even think about themselves before they set themselves in their career. By then they have reached the threshold of the 30s and most of them believe that they will never get their special someone. In reality, this is far from the truth and they should focus on things that are much more important than getting laid. If you are someone who is a virgin in their 30s, then keep on reading.

What is it like to be a virgin in your 30s?

We can only feel the pressure and desperation that you must feel in an age where being a ‘virgin’ is often looked down upon. There can be many reasons for which you may have chosen to stay virgin but most people will never understand it. Constantly people are pushed into believing that they need to lose their virginity as soon as possible. You may remember all the hip couples in your school who used to talk about the wonders of having sex. You may have a problem talking to possible partners as they often take you as inexperienced and naïve in the dating field. This also severely restricts your dating pool.

Do you feel out of tune when your friends are talking about their various sexual experiences? If yes, then from the next time please try to tell them that you do not enjoy the topic. Always remember that you aren’t the only person who has retained their virginity till their 30s. In the current world, you can actually find many more people who have had the same experience.

Are you ready to lose your virginity?

If you are someone who is thinking about losing their virginity in their 30s, then it is great. Only go forward with the idea if you are comfortable with it. Do not get into it because of the fact that your friends are making fun of you or if you feel like that you will be left alone. Actually, there are several other things that you can do rather than focusing everything on the fact that you are a virgin. Losing your virginity as an adult in their 30s is not much different than losing your virginity as a teenager. You need to be safe and think about it well before you dive into it. If you want to remain a virgin, then forward with it and stay strong.

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Dating as a virgin in your 30s:

If you think that you are ready to invest yourself in a relationship or on losing your virginity, then you have to go through some things. As you are in your 30s, it may start out a little late but promise that the pace will gradually increase. So, here are some tips which help you to start dating:

  • Figuring out: If you have taken the decision to lose your virginity, then it is time that you think about your choice of relationships. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to be in a long term relationship. Think about your requirements from life and your current position. You can just lose your virginity and not even care about a relationship if that is the thing that you want.
  • Try a Dating App: We know that this tip may come out as a cliché, but it is one of the easiest things that you can do. People from all around the world use dating apps and you surely will get people who you want to converse with. Choose dating apps that are popular among people who are in their 30s. If you happen to be a virgin for religious reasons, then there are apps that particularly cater to people of distinct religions. Try to socialize and talk to people. Do remember to invest your time in making the profile appealing and write about your expectations from the app. Also, do not have unnecessary hopes from the potential partner.
  • Go on Dates: When you are in your 30s, you will often spend most of your time working. So, if you want to date, take some time out for yourself and meet new people. Go on dates and have fun with them. Meeting new people can already spruce up your life and it will provide you with confidence.
  • Be prepared: When you put yourself out in the dating pool, you need to be prepared for a lot of things. The first thing that you have to answer is about your virginity. People may often ask awkward and unnecessary things, so be prepared for it. Also remember, that you do not need to provide them with an answer that they want to hear. Be confident about your decision. Your dates may not end up as a make-out session or as a hookup, but that doesn’t mean that you are not having fun. Take your time and only do it when you are ready for it. People who are non-virgins may take some time to get adjusted to the fact, so allow them to do that.

What if you still want to remain a virgin?

We aren’t going to judge you as it is your personal decision. It should be the same as your friends and family. They should be supportive. If you want to remain a virgin, then we will suggest you find like-minded people. The internet has provided us with the potential to have groups and make use of it. Interact with them, meet them, have nice conversations and you will see that you aren’t bothered anymore. Enjoy the time and only do it if you ever get comfortable with the thought.

We hope that all these are helpful to you. Do remain strong and remember that losing your virginity isn’t a big deal. You can cherish many things in your life other than sex. So, if someone comes to lecture you about your state, give it back to them by saying that it is none of their business.