How to Win at Everything

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It seems that, no matter what you do or try, you always end up on the losing side. Simply put, you lack that inspiring, fighting spirit to help you succeed while competing with others over different things. From personal to professional goals, you somehow always draw the shorter straw. Don’t worry — you don’t need to hire a life coach yet!

With a few attitude adjustments, you’ll be able to overcome your inability to be competitive in the right way. Winning isn’t just about proving yourself to others — sometimes it’s about taking accountability. Therefore, a healthy dose of winning mentality will help you maintain a positive attitude. So, let’s talk a bit about personal development, shall we?

Why Should You Always Try to Win?

You don’t need to be a professional sportsperson, a stock-exchange broker, or a politician to have a winning attitude. From small bets, recreational sports, or even video games, you should always give your best. It’s not about prestige as much as it is a trigger mechanism in our brain that makes us feel better. In all honesty, it’s pure chemistry.

The outcome of any activity (no matter if it’s competitive or not) plays out inside our nervous system. In case you end up on the winning side, your testosterone levels will rise, which will lead to further chemical activity. Next up, the hormone dopamine will kick in, rewarding your neural network, and making you feel good. Yup, plain and simple — winning boost our mood as much as our overall appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Winning?

Besides achieving your goals and showing off your full potential, winning is a way of upping the dopamine levels in your body. It’s like we’ve already said. Achieving victory is an excellent way of making you feel better about yourself. Not only are you going to receive that short-term dopamine boost, but you’ll also make way for further possibilities.

For example, winning in an argument in front of other people will leave a lasting impression. Your public image will make everyone around you see you in a new light. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we encourage you to go out looking for people to argue with. On the contrary — a winning mindset means you play it cool and measure your opponents.

Write Down Your Goals and Focus on Your Top 5

Developing a winning attitude takes time. Therefore, it’s essential you balance out your expectations. Working with a life coach will lead them to tell you to write down your personal goals on a piece of paper and pick a couple of them to focus on. That way, you’ll help yourself decide what matters, both in your private life and professionally.

To truly make yourself better, it’s critical you succeed on both levels. Failure on one end will leak into the other. So, balancing your intimacy with your job will help each other out. It’s like ping pong — the more stressed you are on one side, the more your other will start to suffer. So, write down things that matter to you to truly set the ground running for your future.

Take Responsibility for Your Actions

It’s not accidental that they teach us to take responsibility from a young age. Being personally accountable for your actions is the only way to go. Therefore, it’s essential to understand that your deeds will determine your future outcome as soon as possible. No matter what you do in life, to reach your goals, you’ll need to take control.

It’s like those rags-to-riches tales where the hero realizes what he needs to do to make it. He’ll need to become responsible for everything he does. Similarly, you’ll need to understand where you stand and what you have been doing wrong. Of course, this means you’ll need to be honest with yourself and not set unrealistic goals. Overestimating your capabilities will only lead to more disappointment and failure.

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Make Smaller Versions of Your Bigger Goals

Since we’ve mentioned not overestimating yourself, you must start nice and steady. Going bit by bit in pursuit of a higher goal is always better than going all out. Therefore, to win a war, you’ll first need to win some small battles. It’s a rather simple principle in the long run.

In case you made a list of five things you’re trying to accomplish, you should dissect them and look for groundwork and basics to do first. You can look at it as some kind of training before the big match. It’s the same as a professional sport. First, you realize your possibilities and attributes, then prepare them thoroughly, and finally, you make it a habit and go out to win.

View Failure Differently

No matter if you’re looking at your personal or professional life, it’s vital you don’t give up after something doesn’t go your way. You should look at failure, not as a definite end. A loss should be a lesson, even if it sounds cliché nowadays. It’s a simple principle that will help you throughout your journey.

It’s no secret that life is full of ups and downs. And as such, lots of people tend to give up at the first sign of trouble. To be a winner, you’ll need to overcome these little losses and bounce back with more vigor and smarter. You must analyze your shortcomings and improve upon them for future encounters, whatever they may be.

Stop Living for the Weekend

Lots of people find themselves in toxic environments (a job or a relationship) that they resent. And since they can’t find a rational way to deal with their problem, they go all out on weekends. It’s an easy way of letting some steam off. But in reality, this isn’t helpful at all.

A winner tends to overturn every situation they are in to their advantage. Therefore, you should look to ease things up and change them in your favor. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your life way more without an unhealthy weekend practice. You don’t need life coaching sessions to understand that some things need change.