How to Win against Quarter-life Crisis?

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First of all, you need to know what ‘quarter-life crisis’ is. In the modern generation, life is getting confusing and complicated. Time is changing and with that, the lifestyle of the present generation is also changing rapidly. In this competitive world, the young generation of the twenties often gets frustrated at the prosperity of their peers and feels their life worthless. This is called a quarter-life crisis. The major features of this crisis are anxiety, dissatisfaction about own life, frustration, purposeless life, confusion, and self-doubt. The twenties is the time when you are on the verge of building your career. If you suffer from quarter-life crisis this time, it will hamper your future life.

What are the reasons for a quarter-life crisis? Today, the young generation depends much on social media. They find the amazing photos of their friends in a new dress, with a hot and happening partner, amazing career and all. These things make them feel low and they also feel their life is going nowhere and they have no purpose of living. You will find lots of advice to overcome the quarter-life crisis, but today, you will get full-proof plan to eliminate that crisis and fill your life with positivity. Read on to know more-

  1. You Should Stop Comparing

The comparison will lead you nowhere. The purpose of your life is different from those whom you are following. Everyone has to make their own journey and reach their destination. The following someone may help you to be more careerists, but walking on someone’s path is not what you want to do. Your life will be yours and no one will take responsibility for it. So, you need to stop comparing it with others and concentrate more on your goals in life. Once you stop comparing your life with others, you will also stop judging it and won’t be harsh on yourself.

  1. Have Your Own Plan in Life

Everyone comes in this earth with a certain purpose. You have your own and you have to believe that. So, what you need to do is to outline your future plan in life. When you are 25, you must get a job, but if you don’t get it you shouldn’t get frustrated, rather keep trying. Once you plan your future early, it will help you to follow that blueprint and achieve what you want. Do all plans become successful? Definitely, not, but in that case, you will know how to achieve success in some other way. Without any planning, life will be like a ship without a rudder. At this situation, it is quite natural to get carried away. So, keep control of your life in your hand and go ahead.

  1. Talk about It

Most sufferers of quarter-life crisis feel embarrassed to talk about such things with anyone. They feel people will underestimate them if they know that your life is not going superb. Especially, those photos on Facebook will de-motivate you the most. Actually, there are people who will discourage you. But, you will also find some people around you who will listen why you have messed things up in your life. Once you talk to them, you will feel better. They may come up with solutions also. If not, even sharing your pain can reduce it and you can find easy solutions while sharing your problems with them. Talk openly to your close people.

  1. Stay Away from Social Media

Yes, in modern time, you can’t block it completely, but you can stay away from social media to overcome your quarter-life crisis. If you are a social media freak, the photos and posts of your friends over there will only disturb you and won’t let you concentrate on your life. Instead of spending time chatting and messaging, you can go out and meet new people. That will also help you to build a network and your communication and social skills will be improved. Indulging more into social media can make you self-centered where you just think of yourself only. Everything has certain good and bad effects on society. Now, it’s up to you how you are going to handle that.

  1. You Have to Be Flexible

Did you plan your life? And now it is not going as per your plan, right? This happens to many of you who belongs to the age group of 20-30. Actually, life will bring you lots of surprises. You have to be ready for the unpredictable while following your own dreams. Maybe, you always wanted a singer, but life creates such a situation when you need to take a bank job. Instead of letting frustration engulfs you, you should try something different so that you can achieve your dream while maintaining your reality. Being flexible is very important so that you don’t feel trapped in your present life.

  1. Brush Aside All Those ‘Expectations’

At a certain point of age, you need to give importance to what you need to do in life, and not what others want you to do. Many people feel suffocated under the burden of expectations of their close people and whenever they can’t stand up to it, people won’t leave a chance to criticize. Obviously, you will make goals in your life to achieve, but if you enjoy the entire way of achieving it, that only can keep you away from the quarter-life crisis. If it becomes ‘You Should Do This’, that will be difficult to maintain.

  1. Explore Yourself

Finally, this is the most important thing that you need to follow to avoid a quarter-life crisis. You will be surprised to know that you know yourself the least. In this busy world, you lose your own personality traits and that’s why you feel purposeless. The best way to explore yourself is to take personality tests. Once you know the new sides of yourself, you won’t follow those attention-seekers on social media ever.

So, here are the essential tips that you can follow to get rid of the quarter-life crisis. You have your entire life ahead and this is the high time to prepare the base so that you can avoid a mid-life crisis.