Getting Out Of The Friendzone: Is It Possible?

The term ‘friendzone,’ has ruined the sleep of many guys. When you like or love someone but the person doesn’t consider you anything more than a friend can be really painful and frustrating at the same time.

Unfortunately, the boundaries of friendzone are meant only for guys. The concept of friendzone is used by girls as an excuse when they particularly don’t like a guy but then they don’t want to be rude either. Other than that, girls also use it when they genuinely consider the guy as a friend and don’t share the same feeling as the guy.

It is often believed that once you enter the friendzone, you are going to stay tuck there forever. In other words, there is no escape from there. But that is not true. If you try harder, you can definitely get out for the friendzone prison. Remember, when there is a will, …

Do College Degrees Matter in 10 Years?

When you are in college, life seems like a fairy tale. There are rainbows, unicorn, Phoenix, and lots of impossible things surround you in college that life seems quite easy. When you get admission into a college after 10+2, it seems you are settled for a job after finishing your degree. But, the reality is very harsh. Once you cross that gate of your college after graduation, you lost all those glamour of the utopic land and get collided with the force of reality.

There are many students who do a great at graduation and have a prestigious degree in hand. People think they will get a great job and do their best in life. But, you never know what is waiting for you in there. After 10 years, you may get surprised to see those backbenchers at college at the top of any company while the so-called ‘genius’ and …

Keeping Your Circle Of Friends Small: Pros And Cons

No matter how old you get friends are always important in life. You have your family by your side but having true friends is nothing less than a blessing. Unfortunately, we reside in a selfish and mean world were getting a true friend is really difficult. This is one of the main reasons why we compromise even in friendship.

When you were young, you probably had a large group of friends. In fact, chances are that your entire class was your friends. But as we grow up, our circle of friends becomes small and we are left only with two or three people. But why is that? Why do we have only limited friends in our adulthood? To get answers to all such questions you should give this article a read.

Friends Are Important But True Friends Are Priceless

All of us need friends to survive. Friends are like our …